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Portmanteau De Jure

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I have always loved words and there is what seems to be a new phenomenon happening—the portmanteau. These are words like “Podcast” from iPod and Broadcast, or “Blog” from Web and Log combined to make new words. We recently combined the word “correspondent” and the portmanteau “blog” to form Blog-o-spondent.

Technically, a portmanteau is a combination of two words, so if we combined a word and a portmanteau, did we make a “wordmanteau” or “portmantord” or maybe “portwordteau?” If we did, I should register it or at least put an entry into Wikipedia claiming I invented it. I suppose I should decide what to call it first, though. Either way, you are going to start hearing one of these words and you will think of me!

The Ultimate Blog-o-spondent contest is in full swing and you can read the press release about it under News or go straight to the video contest site. (link here)

I, along with Paula, Christi, Brian and others will be at BlogWorld (I don’t think this is a portmanteau as much as just writing two words without a space and a capped second word) and we are planning all sorts of fun for our booth. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by—we would love to meet you.

The gang (see above mentioned names) have conned me into being the emcee of our booth. I can’t decide if should do it old-school Vegas (with a martini in-hand) or mid ‘90s Vegas (with a small child with me—remember when Vegas was trying to get families out there—what were they thinking?) or just be my own charming self.

On this episode of Red Belly Radio, I speak with several people from BlogWorld 2007, including Luther, our winner from last year’s photo caption contest. This year’s contest will be a little more work, but we will be taking the top three to Vegas with us where they will shoot and edit a video to win the Ultimate Portmanteau! (Blog-o-spondent.)


Pictured right: Christi Day with a BlogWorld 2007 attendee.

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