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Powered by Pixie Dust

Adventurer C

Greetings from Tinker Bell One! Today, Southwest Airlines is celebrating the release of the new Tinker Bell DVD and Blu-Ray with a special Tinker Bell plane tour. This Southwest Airlines flight is “powered by pixie dust!”    Southwest and Disney representatives are onboard asking trivia questions and giving away prizes.


After watching the new Tinker Bell movie, I’d say there are some similarities between Southwest Airlines and Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell fits with the Southwest way because of her “Warrior Spirit.” She has a mind of her own and never lets anyone get her down. At Southwest, we are always looking for ways to blaze new trails and try things that have never been done before. Tinker Bell is doing things her own way in this movie--and she is the star of the show!

Our Burbank folks salute this superstar.

As do our Rampers.

Even our Operations Agents across town at Los Angeles have been "sprinkled."

Look for the DVD in stores today. And keep an eye out for Tinker Bell One--flying through the Southwest system.

Adventurer B
May I suggest a Tinker Bell DVD/Blu-Ray blog contest, perhaps using the trivia questions from this flight? 🙂
Explorer B
I wonder when it will be at the same place as Alaska's N719AS.
Explorer A
Awesome! How long are you guys planning on keeping Tinkerbell One around?

Joseph M.

Dallas, Texas

Explorer C
A fun event. The plane looks amazing!
Explorer C
Disney leaves no stone unturned. Over the last 48 hours I've been hearing about Tink just about everywhere I go. Now I can actually fly aboard a Tinker Bell airplane. Wow. Impressive marketing.
Adventurer B
Sean, I think you meant to type N791AS. A picture for everyone else to admire: Who pays for special marketing liveries like that and Southwest's Shamu planes?
Frequent Flyer C
I saw tinkerbell @ mdw last week. Sadly, she had a problem the next day. She should be all better now though. She had a bit of gas ;-P If you are using this blog without a cover, you should be aware that this blog is stolen property. It was reported as unsold and destroyed to the publisher and neither the author (Ashley) nor the publisher (Brian) has received compensation for the sale of this "stripped" blog. Ding! boy Joe
Explorer C
You guys sure have fallen a long way since the days of hot pants! What a shame.
Explorer C
I LOVE Southwest and Disney!! I even wait on your schedules to open up so I can book my flights to MCO. But I was wondering why Southwest isn't a participating airline for the Walt Disney World magical Express service?? My wife wants to use it on our next trip, which means no SW on the way down? Disney and Southwest service and attitudes are so similar, I thought that SW would be on board with this service. Even America's lamest airline ( I'm looing at you USAir) has become a particpating airline. C'mon guys.....get some of the WDW mojo going and let us keep using SW to MCO by particpating in the Magical Express!!
Adventurer B
Do you think you could paint a plane with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, & Eeyore on it? Even though I'm 32, I LUV Winnie the Pooh! I'd also LUV very much to see a pink ribbon plane with Breast Cancer Awareness on it! :) SWA LUV! 🙂
Explorer C
slightly off topic - reply to John about Magic Express (ME) Hi John- Even though we don't participate with ME, you can still fly SWA for your Disney World vacation! For the flight down, when you check your bags at your local SWA ticket counter, make sure your special ME bag tags are on your luggage. When your flight arrives in Orlando, the Disney Employees will pick up your bag and deliver it to your hotel room. The "participating member" piece only comes into play for your return to the airport. If an airline is a participating member, there is a counter in the hotel where you can both check in and check your bags for your flight. If your airline is not a participating member, you will keep your bags with you and load them under the bus for your return to the airport. Once there, you'll check in directly with the airline at the ticket counter. I hope this helps!! Hug Mickey for me when you go to Disney World!! Michelle
Explorer C
any of the plane without the EE's infront of it? I would like it as a screen saver!! One Loyal EE!
Explorer C
WOW... my daughter is tickled. She wants on board. She's one of the biggest Tinkerbell fans out there. Just Great!! Now my flight benefits will have to kick in and I'll have to sit at the airport all day waiting to find this plane. LOL I like Drew's comment... so I don't have to do that.
Explorer C
This is just too cute! Any chance this plane will be flying from Pittsburgh to MCO?
Explorer C
You just made my day. I love tinker bell. I hope to see the plane land at MDW someday.
Explorer C
Southwest Airlines has always been the happiest Airline on the Earth and that follows with the theme that Walt Disney coined for Disneyland, "The Happiest Place on Earth." Awesome!!!
Explorer C
Will there be hedging on Pixie Dust to help pay to run this airplane? (:
Explorer C
As a 4'10" flight attendant, I would make the perfect tinkerbell. I meet the size requirements, have no shame when wearing funky costumes (I wore leopard flanel pajamas complete with face mask and teddy bear at the putting to bed of the 200's much to some of my fellow flight attendants dismay. I was told that "that is not the image we are trying to project here" by a fellow flight attendant. I just said "really, my boss thinks so.") So please keep me in consideration as a possible "tinkerbell" in the near future. I am also a Dallas flight attendant, Lucy, look alike. Sincerely, Julia Pavlicek MDW #47283
Explorer C
Does anyone know the aircraft number/wingtail number on Miss Tink?
Explorer C
Can you tell me if this plane is ever going to make it into SFO? I would love to get a picture of the plane to add it to my collection of speciality plane pics that I have. Besides my daughter just loves Tinker Bell and I would love to be able to show it to her.
Explorer C
I saw Tinkerbell today. I showed her off to the Flight Attendents coming on board. We took pictures of Tink. Very adorable!!!
Frequent Flyer C
Does anyone know the aircraft number/wingtail number on Miss Tink? 912 wn Flight attendants prepare doors! Doors done M'kay Ding! boy Joe
Explorer C
Sorry Julia Pavlicek MDW #47283, but we have a 4'8" CSA here in SEA who's nickname is Tink. Better height next time! Mike
Explorer C
I am such a huge fan of Tinkerbell, so much so I have a tattoo on my right ankle with stardust wrapping the ankle. If anyone out there get a photo of the aircraft, I'm begging please please please email me a copy. Thanks so much!!! Much LUV Lanita MCO/Station Admin.
Aviator C
Lanita, there are probably some pictures in our flickr page. See link below
Explorer C
I'm bringing up Disney's Magical Express again. Come on, Southwest, your loyal customers who go to Disneyworld would really love to see Southwest finally partner with Disney on this. It really would make our Disneyworld trips easier. We're going again in Sept. '09 and I have my fingers crossed that this is in the works. Kim