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Prince Charming and the Case of the Missing Ring

Explorer C
One thing that is interesting about my job is that you will have the opportunity to ask yourself, “How in the world could someone lose their false teeth?”

Working in Central Baggage Services you see a lot of things left behind at gates, ticket counters, and on the planes by Customers.  Between all of us in Central Baggage Services, there are plenty of stories.

The one story that fascinates me most is the time a Customer lost the engagement ring for his fiancé’ onboard a Southwest Flight.  We’ll call this gentleman “Prince Charming.”  Mr. Charming was flying on a Southwest Flight to meet his fiancé, Cinderella, and propose to her.  He was so excited that he showed the ring to other Passengers on his flight.   Prince Charming thought he had returned the ring to his pocket after showing it to the handsome frog sitting next to him on the plane.

Unfortunately, the ring did not go into his pocket but fell on the cabin floor of the aircraft.

Can you imagine the sick feeling he had when he reached in his pocket to discover that the ring was not there?  His proposal would have to wait.  What if she kissed someone else?  He contacted the Baggage Service Office about his loss and what flight he was on.  The courteous and most apologetic of all Baggage Service Agents took a lost and found report for the Customer but knew that finding a diamond ring was like finding a needle in a hay stack.

However, the Good Samaritan Flight Attendant or Impressive Jester Ramp Agent found the engagement ring and turned it into the Baggage Service Office.  The ring was not claimed immediately but was flown ever so carefully to the Central Baggage Service Warehouse.

Central Baggage Services Investigator Mikey opened a FedEx box from one of the Stations and was amazed to see such a beautiful ring.  He immediately knew he must find the owner, so he began his search through reports for such key words as ring, diamond, gold, etc.

Low and behold, he found a report that described his ring completely.  He contacted Prince Charming and returned the ring.  Our Hero.  Prince Charming was very pleased with Southwest’s wonderful Central Baggage Service Office that he lived happily ever after.

There ain’t no service like Southwest Service, cuz Southwest Service don’t stop!