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Puntos Puntos Puntos: Volaris y Southwest = Rapid Rewards!

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Puntos Puntos Puntos. That’s points and lots of ‘em…as in 2,000! That’s right, for the first time, starting June 9th, Rapid Rewards members will have the chance to earn points for flights completed on partner airline, Volaris!

Rapid Reward members who register at can earn 2,000 points for a roundtrip itinerary between many of Southwest’s U.S. airports and all of the Volaris Mexican gateway airports when booked at between June 9 and July 31, 2011 for flights flown until September 30, 2011.

These bonus points will be in addition to the points which will already be earned for flying on the Southwest portion of the itinerary. Ever since the international connections to Mexico rolled out last November we’ve wanted to add a Rapid Rewards feature to the product so that our loyal domestic travelers could be converted to loyal international adventurers! Now that the “All New Rapid Rewards” program began in March the prospects for points has become a reality, albeit for a limited time! If our Customers show support for this short term accrual opportunity our hope is that we can bring it back again and then of course add a redemption component in the future as well.

So if you’re debating whether to book at to attend your niece’s quinceanera party in Morelia, visit your grandmother in Zacatecas or find the best Mole to eat in Mexico City then think of the points…er Puntos Puntos Puntos!

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Kyle: I have some questions for you and a mention of something "BIG" as well. Does Volaris provide service to/from SMF at this time or would the passenger who originates/terminates their flights at SMF need to originate on Southwest and then transfer to Volaris at another Southwest Airlines airport? Secondly, SMF is in the final stages of its "BIG Build" Project. This project is going to result in a gread terminal and gate areas for all of Northern California. You can log onto for further information including news releases about the project. The project will likely result in the moving of Southwest Airlines Operations from the existing SMF Terminal A to the brand new Terminal B and the brand new Central Terminal. As soon as the "official" date of the grand opening is announced you are certainly welcome to attend the Grand Opening Event. The likely date of the Grand Opening will perhaps occur sometime in the month of October, but stay tuned to for further information. If I can be of further assistance to you, please send me an E-mail where I would then be happy to provide to you my full contact information, including a telephone number that you can get hold of me directly without going through another person in my office. Sincerely, Mike Barnbaum, Rapid Rewards Member in Sacramento, California
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Unfortunately, doesn't look like you can use RR points or a companion pass to book these filghts 😞