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Quietly Sharing With Others

Adventurer C
A few weeks ago, I passed Linda (one of our Onboarding Department Employees) in the hall and said, "How was your weekend?"  With her always present smile, she said, "Great, my husband and I did one of our 'marriage weekends'."  I wasn't sure what she meant by "marriage weekend." For me that would mean that I did all my chores around the house and got to keep my marriage.  But for Linda, it meant spending a weekend with couples who are struggling in their marriages.  She and her husband give up many weekends to facilitate a special weekend to let other married couples see their example of hope and reconciliation. She does lots of other very nice things on her own time.  When Linda is made aware that an Employee at Southwest has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she sends a stuffed Care Bear as a way of letting the Employee know she is thinking about her.  But for some reason her willingness to constantly talk about a difficult experience so that others going through tough times in their marriages would know there is hope for them, really stuck with me.