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RE: A Letter of LUV

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Connor Smith Southwest Luv Letter-page-001 At Southwest Airlines we’re NUTS about our Customers, be they young, old, frequent travelers, or first timers. And few things make us happier than knowing when that feeling is mutual. Recently, we received a full blown LUV Letter from perhaps one of our youngest enthusiasts—10      year old Connor, hopeful  future Southwest pilot. Connor Smith Southwest Luv Letter-page-002 According to Connor’s parents, the LUV affair with our airline started at 18 months of age, when Connor’s attention was caught by one of our brightly painted planes outside a terminal window. Yes it really was “LUV at first sight.”  As he got older, the fascination intensified. He began learning more about our airplanes, which he affectionately calls “Westys”, making a visit to the Boeing plant, and studying up on the fuel-saving advantages of our signature winglets. He also started dressing in full Southwest pilot uniform for all of his flights, an evolving ensemble that now includes epaulettes and credentials. Connor Smith Southwest Luv Letter-page-005 Over the course of his time as a Southwest Customer,  he’s garnered the attention of a number of our Flight Crews, who Connor says are great and have always invited him into the cockpit. His dream is to one day join such a Crew, and he is determined to continue learning about all things aviation and Southwest. In his latest show of SPIRIT, Connor requested a Southwest-themed birthday party complete with boarding pass style invites and party games such as “Pin the Tail on the Westy.” Connor Smith Southwest Luv Letter-page-007   The LUV letter ends with: “Thank you to everyone at Southwest who has taken such an interest in Connor. As his parents we cannot tell you how much it means to us. No other airline is like Southwest. It has been a wonderful journey for all of us,” writes Connor’s mom, Katie. But really, it is all of us here at Southwest who must thank them. Stories like Connor’s  are what bring our Purpose to life—connecting People—especially very young People—to what’s important in their lives.  We know Connor will continue as a passionate supporter, and hope that one day he will be able to trade in his homemade badge for a real one. Connor Smith Southwest Luv Letter-page-011               Sending lots of LUV back at you, The Southwest Airlines Team  
New Arrival
This is so so so awesome, Wonder why so many LUV SWA Words cannot express how touching this. What a wonderful wonderful thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV you SWA:)
New Arrival
I am also sharing this in my FB grouop and on Twitter:)