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DING! You are now free to make reservations on Southwest Airlines for travel through August 24, 2007! Thanks everyone for your...ummm...."patience" while we've finalized the Summer 2007 schedule. This has, in all honesty, been quite an eye-opening experience for us in Schedule Planning. While our goal has always been to maintain between 120 and 180 days of bookable inventory, as I explained in my last post, we have on numerous occasions dropped down into the 90's (the last time being for the Summer 2005 schedule) and, frankly, we've never gotten a lot of negative feedback about it. Of course, that was pre-blog! So, because we have heard the opinions of our Customers (man, oh MAN have we heard you!) on this subject, going forward we are going to much more strictly maintain a minimum of 120 days of inventory. I think you'll be happy to know that the blog thread and your replies have spurred a couple of other improvements as well. We're working with our colleagues in Reservations and at to find better, more effective ways to communicate the date we anticipate releasing new booking inventory. Of course, and I will warn you right now, these will be planned dates--and they will shift around a bit--but we're learning that even information that may change can be better than no information at all. So, standby for communication improvements! And finally--now that the Summer schedule's out for sale, I'm going to get back to my job, but I want to take the opportunity to thank the folks that actually wrote the Summer, Memorial Day, and July 4th schedules. So--Desiree, Bob, Dan, Matt, trainer superior Kerry Marie, and even you, Friedman--GOOD JOB!!!!!! Happy booking, everyone!