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Rampin' it up in Kansas City!

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When Kim Shorter first sat down to eat lunch at Southwest, she could have sworn she’d stepped into a time machine back into the days of recess and Jell-O packs.

“Everyone asks each other, ‘What are you eating? Do you want to swap?’ and exclaims, ‘You have to try this!’ It’s like elementary school again,” said Kim.

Those same Coworkers who swap lunches and food opinions are also the ones who made Kim want to join the FUN of Southwest.

“I worked as a wheelchair coordinator with a contract company and had the opportunity to work closely with the Southwest Operations Agents,” said Kim. “I saw how much they LUVed their job and realized that I really wanted to become part of the Southwest Family. Now that they’re my Coworkers, they keep me motivated by always making me laugh and smile!”

Kim is a Ramp agent at Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and is responsible for loading and getting Customer’s bags on to the right plane, “marshaling in” aircraft (guiding the plane to the gate by using the lighted ramp wands), and “pushing” the aircraft back out to the runway using the ground service equipment. Kim’s ability to remain positive has been one of her most outstanding qualities, according to MCI Ramp Supervisor Kevin Parks.

“She has the most positive attitude I have ever encountered,” said Kevin. “She is always willing to help someone out and is constantly going above and beyond.”

Always able to laugh at a situation, Kim recalls her first time marshaling in an aircraft with fondness and a few chuckles.

 “I was so nervous and excited that I stopped the aircraft about a foot from the line,” she said. “My Coworkers and I were laughing, and I looked up to see that the Pilot was laughing too!  I think that he could definitely tell that I was new.”

Since the first time she pushed a plane, Kim has clearly become more experienced and is now known for her preparedness and proactive actions.

“Kim is always ready for her flight, helps with the MCI recycling program, and doesn’t need supervision,” said MCI Operations Supervisor Tom Danner. “She goes above and beyond for our Customers, both Internal and External.”

While she knows that she does a good job on her own, Kim credits her success and happiness on the job with the support that she gets from her Coworkers.

“I really LUV my job because I will come back from an aircraft and hear a ‘great job’ from an Operations Agent, a ‘smooth push’ from my Pilot, or my Supervisor will say ‘thanks for taking care of that,’” said Kim. “I LUV that I can go out there and do a wonderful job with their support!”

We LUV having Kim onboard!

I interviewed Kim to find out a little bit about who she is when she isn’t working with our Red-Bellied planes.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love to knit! It’s my favorite hobby, and I use it to make hats for my Coworkers and their children. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Any place there is a beach where I can snorkel! I love to swim and see the colorful fish and coral.

If you could be Gary Kelly for one day, what would you do?

I LUV how Southwest does charity work, so I would donate a whole day’s revenue to a charity that is low in funds!