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I was fortunate during the Holidays that I was able to spend several quiet moments with my wife and son just enjoying the time together and reflecting on the year past and what 2007 might hold for the three of us and the world. My son and I travel together frequently, and my wife always asks what we talked about during those hours by ourselves: My typical answer is "just random stuff." During one of our fireside chats last month, the three of us started discussing "random stuff" and came up with some questions to which we are not sure of the answers. Knowing that the Southwest Blog audience consists of extremely intelligent people, I thought I would run these questions by you to see what your thoughts are. So here goes... Now that Pluto is no longer a planet, how does that affect my horoscope? When was the first Christmas Eve? If I get stupid and put aluminum foil in the microwave, it arcs, and my wife gets mad, but our microwave has a metal rack, so why no arc? On our airplanes the potties are lavatories and we call them "lavs", so why is a boat potty called "the head"? And finally, I see delivery trucks with "FISH" in block letters on the back and sides of the trucks, I have never seen a truck labeled "veal" or "turkey" or "chicken"; what is so special about fish? I look forward to some great answers. Perhaps you too have some random thoughts that you have always wondered about, feel free to comment, and I'll bet you get a quick response.