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Rapid Rewards 101

Explorer C

Here’s a novel idea.  How about earning Rapid Rewards credit while you sleep? And drive?  And eat?  And, well, you get the point…   What I’m trying to say is that it’s especially easy to get to an Award, and we’re making it even easier with a new microsite:

Some people count calories, but I suggest counting Rapid Rewards credit.  Buy a ticket, rent a car, stay in a hotel, eat out, and send flowers to mom – and that’s just in one week.  There are 51 weeks in the rest of the year, and the faster your credit adds up, the faster you’ll get that fantastic, exciting, fabulous Award ticket (insert applause here!).  Yep, it’s true, your credits can add up blazingly fast, so buy a notepad and start keeping a tally.  Sure, your friends may think you’re a little overzealous, but see who’s laughing when your Award ticket shows up.  

Everyone deserves a vacation, so learn how to earn, grab your bag, and go! 

Visit today.

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