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Rapid Rewards Once Again Named Program of the Year at the 2017 Freddie Awards!


For the second time since it’s relaunch in 2011, Rapid Rewards was named Airline Program of the Year at InsideFlyer magazine's 29th annual Freddie Awards ceremony last night in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Southwest Team also took home the awards for Best Customer Service, Best Loyalty Credit Card and Best Airline Redemption Ability.


For those who aren’t familiar, the Freddie Awards is one of the most prestigious member-generated awards in the travel loyalty industry. The Freddie Awards give a voice to the frequent flyer and nearly three million votes are cast annually.  It is truly an honor receive for these highly coveted awards.


It is with such gratitude to all of you that we accept these industry honors. These accolades reflect the heart and hospitality that our dedicated Employees share day in and day out. And thank you to our Customers who voted for Rapid Rewards. We are thrilled to be recognized your program of the year!


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Explorer C

I travel quite a bit. My favorite airline, airline employees, and reward program by far is SWA. Amazing attention to detail. Friendly fight attendants. On time flights and many times a bit early. Keep up the great work SWA. In me you have a fan and traveler for life. You are all fantastic and what all airlines should strive to be.

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I voted for Southwest! The ONLY airlines I use!

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I love the southwest program, but wish they would add a lifetime "million mile" level for A-List and A-List preferred lifetime benifits.  It would be great to know that the benifits I've grown so used to will follow me into retirement as my business travel will go away.  It would be great to continue to be recognized for decades of loyalty.  

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I travel extensively for work, as well as personal travel. Southwest is by far my favorite airline! Excellent service from the ticket counter to the gate personnel! Flight attendents are always very friendly and helpful. Flights are ontime (only 3 delays out of the 100+ flights I was on last year)


Keep up the great work SWA! You're the best!

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Now I just need for the same promotion from last year to hit California. Seriously, the ability to fly 10 and get a companion pass was amazing. The problem was that I already had 6 flights scheduled, so they weren't new and wouldn't have counted towards the reward last October. 😕

Still...  One of the best promotions I've seen in a long time. Congrats!

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I used to be a huge United flyer but am going to try and stick with Southwest as much as I can especially in light of United's recent fiascos and the very obvious vast discrepancy in customer service and reliability between United and Southwest. Congrats on the award!

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Southwest is by far my favourite airline. If you have a kid like I do, you will be treated like a VIP. In our last flight, my son was ready for a diaper changer and guess what we don't have the diapers. We thought the diapers were in the carry-on but it was in the check-in baggage that we checked in. Our flight had a layover where you didn't have to get down the flight, we asked the flight attendant if they have diapers. He said they don't carry them but he would see what he can do for us. While we are panicking about the situation he returned back with diapers of different sizes which was more than amazing. We asked how he could manage to get diapers, he said as soon as he spoke about the situation to the flight captain he left the pit in a flash, ran to the convenient store and grabbed some diapers for us. SWA go above and beyond to offer best experience to their customers.

Also the way they handle cancellations and flight miss situations is superb.

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Congratulations! It is well deserved. Southwest stands for customer service and respect. Their priorities are in order: treat employees well and they will treat customers accordingly. It is extremely refreshing to see that the business is run that is not a "Me Too" operation, like with the outrageous charges that other carriers impose. Thank you Southwest!!

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Being old and handicapped, I do appreciate the kindness the flight attendants show me whenever I fly.  SWA is my only carrier of late.  The funny, witty comments said make my flights that much more enjoyable. Their rewards program, cancellation policy and bags fly free make for an outstanding airline.  Thank you.

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Southwest all the way!!!

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Not hard to understand why.

Great staff with great service.

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I fly SWA every time I can! Awesome flights, even Awesomer Crew! I Love SW!

My spouse once booked us on either UA/AA (could not a refund) and I said never again! Once he flew SW, he too was hooked!

I have an upcoming (business) SW flight to Vegas and there were no SW late night returning flights, so I will be on Delta (paying for a bag) to get home. Smiley Sad 

Keep flying high SW and I will keep flying high with you!

Congratulations on the awards!

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#myvotecounted haha! WOOHOO!!!! love SWA

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My favorite points program as well

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how do you sign up for the a-list preferred and a companion pass?

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How does any other program stand a chance against Rapid Rewards?  This is the only meaningful program for the once a month or less flyer.  I can see where if you travel 4-5 times a month there might be a program out there that is worth consideration but for the bulk of the traveling public any other program is a very distant second place.

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I'm very angry with SW. I missed my a-list status for 2017 by one flight, my mistake not there's. I've been A-List for 4 years, but the promotion to still get it for 2017 by flying 3 round trips from Jan 30 to April 30 was misleading. I did do 3 flights, but because I'm a frequent flyer and book in advance I lost that opportunity, because 2 of my flights were booked before Jan 30. It may be time to check out another airline. 

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 I vote every year!  A very good rewards program, especially if you fly for business or several personal trips a year.  My husband travels some for business and before I retired I would go meet him and stay an extra day.  We got companion pass a couple years ago and never really realized how Great it was!  I have now retired and travel with him all the time.  We have recently recommended this program to my son and daughter-in-law and now they are about to be able to experience the great reward program!

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Best rewards program out there!

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SOO proud of SWA!!!  And, yes, I voted for you in all categories!  Flown for better airline, service or rewards program!

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SWA was the only company I voted for, no 2nd's or 3rd's. Waiting for the route to Hawaii!!

one LUVone LUV

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CONGRATULATIONS! Southwest is just AWESOME company from the crew on the Ground to the man in the SEAT! Thanks to all who making flying ENJOYABLE and NOT STRESSFUL... 

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Congratulations SWA!!!!!    You are my favorite airline ! Keep going!Smiley Very Happy

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 I voted and I meant it!! I love flying SWA. I fly each week sometimes to multiple flights and the last time I was forced to fly another airline I found myself realizing all the little things that makes SWA so much better than the rest. 1) Boarding time cut in half 2) Taxing time cut in half 3) I dont have to walk outside in the rain to walk up to the plane 4) The warm friendly flight attendants 5) HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS!!!


@SW3607 ... all the information about the various Rapid Rewards tiers and how to earn them can be found here:

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agree my favorite program too...  intend to travel more SWA

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I voted in the Freddie awards.  Southwest Airlines is the best.  I always fly Southwest, even if I have to rent a car and travel on to get to my destination.  Southwest is all about being on time, if not early, and taking care of its customers.  I will always choose Southwest first. 


Thank You Southwest for your superb service!  You deserve the Freddie awards and much more.

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I voted Southwest too!

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Congratulations to all the great people at Southwest for a well-deserved win.


Southwest has steadily advanced in the rankings by mostly holding the line against the industry's continued devaluation of both loyalty programs and the travel experience. Yes, Southwest squeezed in an extra row of seats, but other airlines have squeezed us even more. Rapid Rewards redemption devalued from 60 points per dollar to 70 and then 72, but that's peanuts compared to what other airlines have done. Premium class award levels have nearly doubled, not that Saver awards are available anyway.


Southwest has quietly improved its A-List benefits, most notably allowing free standby on any earlier flight the same day. That has proved immensely more useful than I had expected. The WiFi is working better and better, and other aspects of the operation which were good remain so. 


In short, it ain't broke, so don't fix it. Just let the others continue to break their programs and welcome their former customers to Rapid Rewards!

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Again, we were treated to a most wonderful flight on Southwest from Seattle to Oakland with the most friendly and professional flight attendants in the industry.  

There was a couple that was celebrating their honeymoon and the attendants all got together to make their flight very special.  

Jennifer took very good care of us in our section ... what an asset to the company!!  Way to go again, Southwest!  You are our airline of choice!!  

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Best airline ever! Wish you flew overseas!   Have to fly other than Southwest first time in 5 years😱✈️.  I voted!   Glad you won!   

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Congratulations SouthWest Team Members.


I fly regulary for work.  I voted for Souhwest for the Freddie Awards.


You do what you do and you do it well.  I'm still amazed after all these years of your sucess that some of your competitors still don't get what providing great service is all about.

Keep up the great work and the positive attitudes.


Phil in Kansas


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Hi this is Lori. I love to flying on Southwest Airlines I flew a few times before and will flying again soon on Southwest Airlines..... they are a friendly workers there 

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When i think of Travel, SOUTHWEST AIRLINE is my favourite and NUMBER one AIRLINE.. Dedicated flight attendant, Nice and and always down to earth set of individuals with an awsome sense of humor..


Congrats SOUTHWEST , you truly deserve the honor for the award.. 


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Southwest has its pluses and minuses. Usually good fares and nice folks. Don't care for the cattle call boarding process and the overall flight experience just doesn't measure up to Alaska, Virgin or JetBlue. 

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Southwest is the BEST AIRLINE in the WORLD.

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I love Southwest and Rapid Rewards. I just used my miles/points to purchase a couple of tickets back from Costa Rica! So awesome that SWA flies there. 

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We love the new non-stop flights out of Oakland. We have had good travel experiences with SWA and use it almost exclusively for our trips. The free checked baggage is especially nice.