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Rapid Rewards Turns 5 Years Old!


Let’s reminisce on 2011. What comes to mind? The Royal Wedding? Adele becoming a household name? Saying farewell to Harry, Ron, Hermione and everyone from Hogwarts? For us at Southwest, 2011 was a memorable year, but not because Rebecca Black forcefully reminded us how awesome “Friday” was. It was five years ago that Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards loyalty program was relaunched to what it is today;  the program was redesigned to offer newer, better, more competitive benefits. Our Rapid Rewards program has been pretty impressive the last few years, but if you’re a Rapid Rewards Member you know that. We’ve flown 14 million zero-fare passengers; that is more award passengers than American Airlines/US Airways, Alaska, and JetBlue combined! With such great benefits, naturally, our program is being recognized. No other airline has won more Freddie Awards since 2013. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal called our Companion Pass “The Best Perk in Travel” (WSJ, February 2016). In case those facts weren’t impressive enough, the number of Rapid Rewards Members has more than doubled since launching the new Program. In order words, it took us almost 25 years (1987-2011) to enroll the same number of Members that we have added in the last 5 years (2011-2015). Despite the great success, we are continuously looking to enhance the program to satisfy YOU--our loyal Customer. In December 2015, we launched the capability for our Rapid Rewards Members to donate their points to a select group of charities.  Since the launch, our charities have received more than five million Rapid Rewards Points directly from our Members. Thanks to our Rapid Rewards Members for five great years. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! For more information about the Rapid Rewards Program visit: and to vote for Rapid Rewards in the Freddie Awards visit