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Receiving the -800 With LUV

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It's a big deal when you get something new.   A new haircut, a new car, all milestones.  But WOW, we got a brand new plane! 

In my short fifteen years with the Company, I've seen some changes over the years, but this change is something special. This red belly plane is a little different from the norm (and a lot different in size). When I first saw it pulling in, I was so proud. When I went on the plane, the wow-factor was off the charts.  My first thoughts: clean, spacious, and very long! 

We are very honored here in Ft. Lauderdale to be one of the stations to take care of this new addition to our family. I think the coolest part is to see how excited everyone is, and ready for this new adventure.  We get two 737-800 aircraft a day, and each time we are all there, ready to help out. Recently, a Flight Crew was at a different gate and they got word one of the 737-800's was here, and ran over to see it.

This special bird has significant meaning for Southwest Airlines.  We keep growing, and sky's the limit!  It is awesome to know that we are moving forward and moving with this brand new, beautiful aircraft model.


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Love Southwest Airlines, new planes, sounds cool but a recent round trip flight from Philadelphia to Fort Myers was far from cool. New 800 arrives late to Philadelphia because they are new, delaying the fight. Sat on the Plane waiting to have them figure out how to get the plane in trim since the flight wasn't full. Over an hour delay because of the new 800. Returning flight was delayed, the flight from Baltimore arrived at 11:25 (scheduled for 11:10). Since we missed our spot (in the air) sat for an hour to board pushing back about 12:50 scheduled for 11:55. Another over an hour wait. My feeling is hope I don't see another 800 until they fly them like the 700's
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I'm a plane nut, pilot, aviation & airline enthusiast, etc. So, how can someone like me figure out if they will fly on a 737-800? Southwest doesn't put aircraft types into their flight schedules...UNLIKE every other airline. I get the pocket North American OAG so I can figure out what aircraft types are flying in May but I have some travels to book for later this summer. How can I find a 737-800 and book on it? Put differently: Why are 737-800 schedules going forward a well kept secret? Are there not people like me who want to fly on it too? Steve in KC