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Rising to the Challenge—The Billion Acts of Green Results Are In!


Over the past two weeks, Southwest Employees’ commitment to being green has been nothing short of amazing. We can’t say that we’re surprised, as our Employees are known for rising to meet any challenge and Billion Acts of Green was certainly no exception. What was surprising was the wide variety of ways our Employees contributed to the Earth Day Network’s national campaign. From volunteering at community farms and gardens, collecting shower water for reuse in flowerbeds, picking up trash in neighborhoods, biking and walking to the store, or upcycling cereal boxes and coffee cans into magazine and pen holders, these simple acts and lifestyle changes will make a huge difference. We are proud to announce that over the course of the challenge, 54 Southwest locations participated resulting in 79,092 total Acts of Green. The top contributor was our Team in San Jose, whose incredible efforts will result in a tree planting at a local school on behalf of Southwest and Earth Day Network. Why is this important? Not only will the trees have environmental benefits and beautify the school, but research shows that the addition of trees has a positive impact on academic performance and a student’s ability to learn. With the end of the Southwest Billion Acts of Green challenge, we would like to issue a new one. Don’t stop! Continue to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into your everyday life because the future of our planet is up to us!