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Road Warrior


Written somewhere over Utah...I think. 

I must admit I am amazed at what a person can do in a day...For example, today I already ate breakfast in Dallas at the fabulous Love Field standard sausage McMuffin and coffee, I borrowed a pen from one of our friendly Customer Service Agents in Albuquerque (because my SWA Cargo logo pen exploded on me and my new shirt...darn logo pen), I'll have lunch in downtown Seattle, and I'll have dinner in Chicago...albeit a very late dinner courtesy of the hotel vending machine....But still, it's hard to believe you can do that in a day!

Now I wouldn't highly recommend this "creative" itinerary, although it does present a great opportunity to get some work done uninterrupted, unless of course your pen explodes.  But, it certainly is a testament as to exactly how far a person can go in the pursuit of productivity...if they're so inclined. 

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