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Road to Dallas Love Field Officially Named “Herb Kelleher Way“

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In June 2011, the road leading into the entrance of Dallas Love Field was given the honorary name of “Herb Kelleher Way” in honor and recognition of our beloved Founder.  In preparation for the repeal of the Wright Amendment, The Dallas City Council unanimously approved to officially and permanently rename a portion of Cedar Springs Road from Mockingbird Lane to the entrance of the Love Field Terminal “Herb Kelleher Way.” At the City Council Meeting Wednesday morning, multiple Council Members lauded Southwest Airlines as a great corporate citizen in the Dallas area and praised Herb for his pioneering spirit and contributions to the industry. As Southwest Airlines’ Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Herb Kelleher has a permanent, beloved place in the hearts of thousands of Southwest Airlines Employees.  Millions of Customers across the nation have benefited from his vision to give America the Freedom to Fly, and Southwest Airlines couldn’t be more pleased that the City of Dallas has decided to permanently recognize Herb’s contribution to aviation by officially renaming the street leading into Love Field in his name.  Bestowing this honor on the eve of the repeal of the Wright Amendment couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.  Herb has undoubtedly transformed the world of aviation and Southwest is thrilled that our home airport will forever be connected to our Founder.
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A fitting tribute to our favorite chain smoking lawyer :-) Paul in CRP