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Rockin' the Creative Services Design-Off

Explorer C

The Creative Services Department at Southwest Airlines was recently tasked with the opportunity to create a t-shirt design commemorating the opening of the Newark Station.  Southwest Employees know that t-shirts play a significant role when celebrating our Company’s spirited culture.  Naturally, our Team was very excited to take on the project.  But who would be the lucky Designer to have their design emblazoned on the timeless tee?

It was settled: time for a DESIGN-OFF!
The Creative Services Department knows how to handle competition, even when we are competing with each other.  When the stakes are high, and we all want to show our stuff on a high-profile product, we have a Design-Off to determine the winner.  The process begins when a Client submits a creative brief to our Team.

The information in the creative brief is crucial to figuring out the design puzzle, and many times we will have additional questions for the Client to ensure we are on the same page.  Creative Services will then brainstorm for no longer than one hour. Once we have decided on the basic theme/message/look of the communication piece, we go back to our respective drawing boards (computers and sketchpads) to execute our newly-developed concepts.  This next part is top-secret and magical, so it will be redacted.

The designs are born and ready to be presented to the Client who decides the fate of each mock-up.  With that, the Design-Off concludes.
The five t-shirt designs below were submitted to the Culture Committee, and a winning design was chosen.  Can you guess the victor?  Hint: it totally ROCKS!

Newark Tee1

Newark Tee 2

Newark Tee 3

Newark Tee 4

Newark Tee 5

Leave your guess in the comments section below!