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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue—a Green Valentine Begins with You!

Explorer A

This Valentine’s Day, why not introduce a little Green into your festivities?  Instead of investing in products that are potentially harmful to our Planet, consider turning this year’s celebration into a Green tradition.

Check out these fun alternatives to the typical Valentine’s Day gifts and prepare to impress your significant other:

  • Nix the greeting cards.  According to a recent New York Times survey, nearly one billion Valentine’s Day greeting cards are sent through the mail each year—and we all know what happens to these cards on February 15.  Try something more personal like a customizable eCard from or a homemade cookie cake to save trees AND cash!
  • Shop online.  Sites like offer thousands of handmade gifts, many of which are made from recycled or sustainable materials.  Another great option is purchasing an experience as a gift like a massage or a couple’s cooking class.
  • Consider planting a gift.  Instead of purchasing cut flowers for your special someone, consider giving back to the Planet and giving a plant.  Not only do potted plants and potted flowers light up a room, but they also won’t be thrown in the trash several days later!
  • Take in some fresh air.  Instead of the typical dinner and a movie combination, get back to nature and enjoy the outdoors—and each other’s company—by going on a hike or a picnic.  You could even take this time to plant the live gift you gave your sweetheart in a special spot in your yard.

Love can be celebrated in a countless number of ways.  This year, spend a little time planning something uniquely Green and show your loved ones just how much you care for them—and the Planet!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you would like to share?  Let us know by commenting below or sending an e-mail to green@wnco.comDING! You are now free to be Green!