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We’re adding new seasonal nonstop service between February 12th and April 9th, 2012 to accommodate winter and Spring Break demand next year!  Southwest will add three new nonstop markets to the SWA network for the period—one daily roundtrip between Ft. Myers and both Hartford/Springfield and Providence, and new nonstop roundtrip service between Baltimore/Washington and Tucson, Arizona!  All of these new nonstops are in addition to existing connecting and/or direct itineraries in these markets.  The Northeast-Ft. Myers flights are timed for the local markets, and the Baltimore/Washington-Tucson roundtrip flight is timed perfectly for wonderful, quick connecting itineraries between our Stations in the East and Southern Arizona. 

Special fares and schedules are now available at, and if I can editorialize for just a second—both Ft. Myers and Tucson are two of my absolutely favorite destinations on our network.  In Ft. Myers you have fantastic beaches, amazing blue waters, and the best beach shelling on this planet (truly amazing!).  And Tucson re-defines laid-back desert chic with a Saguaro cactus always in the backdrop.  Visit either—or visit both!!!  And thank me later. 🙂

Updates as they happen.  Stay tuned!
Explorer A
Like the Tucson-BWI route. Wish it'd stick around all year!
Explorer C
I would also like to have the Washington to Tucsan route available all year. My sister is moving to Tucson in a month or so from Portland. Since I live in Winchester, Virginia I would be able to visit her more often. Love your airlines!
Explorer C
We in New England have been waiting for years for a nonstop Providence to Ft. Myers!! No waiting for hours in Orlando!
Explorer C
I would LUV to see this non-stop service continue year-round!