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Okay, just kidding.  April Fool’s!  Southwest could *never* start service to the mythical hometown of the Golden Girls’ favorite fool, Rose Nylund (although, according to Sophia Petrillo, the matriarch of the Miami foursome, Rose wasn’t a fool—she was “simpleton…but it’s a fine line between simpleton and fool”).  Besides, modern jetliners can’t land in St. Olaf….you’d have to land in St. Gustaf and transfer to a bus.  *grin*


However, starting May 26, Southwest will add three new nonstops each day between our newest destination—Minneapolis/St. Paul—and Denver, our Mega Station in the Mountains.  Southwest has been embraced by the people of Minnesota faster than Hotdish at a Lutheran pot-luck, and we are all VERY excited to add to our nonstop destination list from the Hubert Humphrey Terminal at MSP.  The Denver-Twin Cities market is a vibrant one of which we are VERY excited to be a part. As an added bonus, our new Denver service offers our Customers to and from MSP another convenient way to access our huge Western network.


So get ready, you guys—in less than two months Southwest will link up the land of Lefse, Lutefisk, and Lakes with land of Mountains, Mines, and the Mouse Trap (the interchange between I-25 and I-70).   It’s all bookable now at or via your favorite reservations venue. 


And lest I offend or leave out you students and alumni of the very real and amazing St. Olaf University in Norfthfield, MN…let me just say three words in honor of two of my dear friends who are St. Olaf alumni (hey, Carrie and Skluz!)….”UM! YAH! YAH!”