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SWA Rapid Rewards Takes home Freddie for Best Award Redemption

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I had the opportunity to represent Southwest Airlines at the 21st Annual Freddie Awards held last night in Fort Lauderdale.   On behalf of all of our Employees, I was thrilled to accept the award for first place in the Best Award Redemption category. 

For the 11th consecutive year, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards has taken top honors in this category, and no other frequent flyer program has ever won since the category was introduced in 1998! 

In addition to the Best Award Redemption honor, Rapid Rewards placed in the top five in five additional categories, including Program of the Year, Best Website for, Best Member Communications, Best Bonus Promotion, and Best Customer Service. 

For more information on the Freddies and to see pictures from last night, visit:  

And, if you’re not already a member of our Rapid Rewards program but are thinking about joining, please visit for more information. 


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As one of the co-Commentators for the 21st Annual Freddie Awards, commenting live throughout the ceremony's web-cast, I'd like to congratulate Southwest Airlines for being the ONLY airline to have ever won The Freddie Award for 'Best Reward Redemption. It is not that this is a new category, it is just that no other airline in The Americas has ever won the award! Every year the award has gone to Southwest Airlines. I guess you LUV your passengers and your loyal passengers LUV Southwest! For relevant commentary on a wide range of airline topics feel free to follow my Twitter feed at (Southwest Airlines follows me...maybe some Southwest flyers would like to as well). Happy Flying! Steven Frischling Founder The Travel Strategist & Flying With Fish Web: Blog: Twit:
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Although it has nothing to do with your experience at the Freddie awards, I think this is the best way to get my suggestion to SouthWest. You appear to be an employee in a management position. I fly Southwest a lot and was very happy when you moved to the numbering system of boarding your passengers. This past week, I observed a departure (on the flight before mine) from that procedure that was probably good but I think could have been handled better. There was a group of about 60 eighth graders and their chaperons. It didn't matter whether they were A, B, or C, they were all boarded together after all of the other passengers. An announcement was made that the regular passengers should leave the back of the plane open for this group. This was good because most passengers do not want to get mixed up in a group like that. I have to assume that one of the flight attendants was stationed at the forward row of the group seating to tell passengers that they were taking their sanity in their own hands if they chose a seat beyond that row. This would have been good but I think it would have been better if the passengers could have seen where the boundary was when they were scanning for the seat they wanted. If the group had been boarded first, the other passengers would have seen how far back they had as an option and might have chosen a seat closer to the front if they knew the demarcation line when they stepped on board. I do not expect this to become part of the Blog but did not see any other way to get it passed to the process people for consideration. Thanks Jim Green
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Testimony on Organizational Behavior at Southwest Airlines Dear Sirs, First I would like to congratulate the great job at Southwest Airlines that performs, especially with its employees. I am taking the liberty to contact you because I am a university student and am doing a job on the book How to Make Your Team in his greatest asset, written by Madam Lorraine Grubbs-West, and have to talk about the made in Organizational Behavior book company's Southwest Airlines. So I would ask kindly, if possible, I headed up a statement on the organizational behavior of Southwest Airlines, or motivational factors, interpersonal relationships and communication with the company's employees. I am a bit distant from you, I am in Brazil - São Paulo, I do not know. I also apologize if this email does not have any agreement, because I do not speak English I'm using a translator on the internet. Thank you for your attention and look forward to a stay in contact. Sincerely, Ricardo Silva dos Santos Student, University Cruzeiro do Sul - UNICSUL e-mail:
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Dear South West this may not be the place for this blog however I was not sure where to communicate our dilemma: My husband and I have been loyal fans to SW for three years, we met online and from the beginning our airbus between northern and southern California was South West! Last year we were assured twice by customer service that if we saved our rapid rewards we could utilize for a free flight to Hawaii, well now we have saved and even though we had millage plus plans with other major airlines with competitive ticket prices. We stayed loyal to south west. When we called to reserve our trip they said they no longer offered this option as it was part of a partnership. Well needless to say our flights were very expensive (above a thousand dollars). The flights, the crew and the honey roasted peanuts are great we built our love in the skies with SW and would have loved to continue it into our honeymoon and find ourselves letdown :( M & R