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SWA Star of the Month: November

Explorer C
Denise Dipzinski has been part of the Southwest Airlines Family since 1996, and she has held her current position of Oklahoma City Customer Support and Services Administra­tive Resources Coordinator since 2004. For Denise, the best part of working for Southwest is being “free to be who you want to be and [free] to show your true personality.” Her compassionate and LUVing heart makes Denise a perfect fit for South­west, and it makes sense that her main duty is assisting Coworkers in nearly every way imaginable—from distributing mail to arranging travel. “When people come to my desk, it is because they need help with some­thing,” Denise says. “I love the satis­faction of giving them a resolution.”
Diane Dipzinsky
Even away from her desk, Denise acts on her instinct to help; she can’t pass by a stray or injured dog without stopping. In fact, Denise is such a dog lover that in October 2011 she and two friends founded Forever Yours Dog Rescue. Aside from personally fostering dogs (many of which have special needs), Denise has also recruited five Coworkersto help carry out the mission of Forever Yours. In 2011, to recognize and celebrate Denise’s dedication to helping the stray and abused dogs of Oklahoma City, Southwest honored her—along with many other Employees who give their time and energy to make positive differences in their communities—as a Volunteer of LUV.
When she’s not making her Coworkers’ jobs easier or rescuing dogs, Denise enjoys spending time with Mike, her husband of 29 years; Mickki and Amanda, her daughters;and Makenzie and Brooklyn Rose, her granddaughters. Denise LUVs the Freedom to Fly that Southwestgives her and her family. They have taken trips to Boston, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. San Francisco is the next Southwest destination they’d like to explore.All the LUV and generosity of SPIRIT that Denise exudes provides a true example of what it means to Live the Southwest Way. We are proud of her on- and off-the-clock work that improves the lives of so many. We feel very blessed to have her on the Southwest Team! —Caroline Garza
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Explorer A
Great job, Denise! I live in OKC now. I am from TUL, moved to Edmond in August 2009, & am now in OKC. Thanks, too, for your help with animals! My parents & I have a dog, & I want to do pet therapy & train hearing service dogs. I saw an adorable black lab today that was a service dog. Of course, I want to try again to get on with SWA as a flight attendant! If you or anyone else knows when you are hiring, please let me know! Thanks! SWA LUV!