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SWA Stew: Episode 14


In this 14th edition of SWA Stew, we bid farewell to NASA's shuttle program, say hello to Oshkosh, get real charitable, and head to Guadalajara with our resident foodie Mary Bigham.  Yep, Mary went south of the border, made possible by Southwest's partnership with our airline partner Volaris.
Blog Boy Brian Lusk also time warps us back to the '70s.
Also, the Peanut Gallery gives me lessons on shaving to avoid future gashes in my face.  And why am I holding a boom mic?  The world may never know.
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stagflation: when inflation is high, but economic growth is low.. thus, the economy has stagnated. Can't wait for you to be flying through the ATL! I've been waiting FOREVER for this!