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SWA Stew: Episode 21

Retired Community Manager

When asked how I planned to cut my hair, I knew I had possibilities. There's the well-known "Bowl Cut," which was never really in the running. "The Executive," which is all business. "The Faux Hawk," which is for those who stand in the ocean but never go in past where swimming is required (or is that too abstract?).
Confession: this could go on for a lot longer, but I don't think haircut banter is really our core competency on the Nuts blog. 
This episode, ATL barely snagged the fifth spot (but we still have mad LUV for you, and can't wait for February).
Hurricane Irene swept through the East Coast, and left just as quickly as she arrived (enough to leave a mark as the fourth top post).
Third came the latest installement to our One Report series.
Gordon Guillory submitted a great post about "whatchamacallits," basically funny names for our Maintenance Employees' tools, and for airplane parts, too.
The top post goes to Capt. Frog Peele and his son, First Officer Justin Peele.  The two recently flew commercially together for the first time, thanks to tinkering with their schedules (and help from some very accomodating fellow Employees!).