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SWA Stew: Episode 23

Retired Community Manager

A few lame basketball references, a couple top-viewed blog posts, and SWA Stew: Episode 23 is in the books. 
Our post about the much-coveted Spring Break schedule opening up landed in the fifth spot. 
Customer Service was the theme of this week's One Report series post. 
Capt. Joe Gautille was to fly a P.M. shift on 9/11/01. He wrote a heartful remembrance of that terrible tragedy, and Stephen M. Keller did a video that, if you haven't seen, I would urge you to go check out.  Both are very moving.
The second most-viewed post on Nuts this week focused on Gary's Halloween costume?  What will he be this year?  Make your suggestions in the comments section of the Halloween post.
Finally, our Turntable.FM promotion earlier this week was an enormous success.  This post detailed the rules, and my musical upbringing.