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SWA Stew: Episode 26


I took a week off, but we're back with SWA Stew 26.  I could give you a thousand reasons why we skipped, but I won't waste your time, loyal fans.  I'm sorry for making you wait.  All... two of you. 
This week, the SWA Stew kicked off with a great post about a trio of Flight Attendants who ran across the Philadelphia Marathon to reach their ride to the airport. 
Recently, we hosted a conference at SWA Headquarters in Dallas, compliments of Ragan.  They put together a post about passion & Culture in the corporate world.
Our third most viewed post is an enigma; not the topic itself, but how it got in the Top 5.  The post talks about Cupid One.
Have you registered for a chance to become our Chief Rewards Officer yet? Second on this week's list explained what you need to do to win the sweepstakes, and your share of the points.
At the top of the list, was my post about the WingMate duck, and the great lengths the good People of Milwaukee went to in order to make sure everyone got their ducks.
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The Cupid post is obviously blog gold, Brooks!