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SWA Stew: Episode 27


In the 27th episode of the SWA Stew, I make the claim that it is my Golden SWA Stew. Yes, I may or may not have just revealed my age.  But while enjoying chips and queso, some juice concoction, and the departure of a very dear Coworker, our resident historian, Brian Lusk, called into question the legitimacy of the "Golden Stew."  Apparently, he'd never heard of the golden birthday/anniversary/Stew concept. 
I'd invite you to please add your two cents in the comments section to set Mr. Lusk straight.
Okay, okay, I digress.
We had some great posts make up the Top 5 this week.  The fifth most viewed post was about our great winter sale!
At number four was the band SafetySuit's Inflight Surprise, as told by one of our stellar interns, DHubbs.  The band played a surprise inflight concert on the way to Kansas City from Denver.
Are you Southwest's Chief Reward Officer?  Lots of buzz surrounding this here contest. Check out to start earning your share of the points!
Did you hear?  We're tappin' the rockies at 35,000 ft. once again!  That's right, Coors Light is back.  By the way, I think it's a little ridiculous that in this video, the only person to finish my "tap the rockies" battle cry was our underage intern.  Thanks for the support all the same, Nutt.
And reigning at number one was my post about the WingMate program (and the constant tormenting of my own WingMate, Rueben).
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Silver=25 years, Gold=50 years. Oh and did the Safety Suit folks play the ""Safety Dance" song?
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I love the SafteySuit video, but I would love to have 30 million points even more. Come on Brooks. Please hook a brother up!