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SWA Stew: Episode 33


I don't have a fire place on which I can roast chestnuts. If Jack Frost were to nip at my nose, I'd probably file a restraining order, or at least get my head checked. I can probably get on board with yule tide, though. 
Still, I sometimes think I'm steadily on my way to celebrating Festivus, and not for lack of loving Christmas.  I'm a holiday fanatic.  I love the season.  My story begins in Waco, TX ... Christmas Eve, 2006.
It was my first Christmas away from home, and I had to work.  My parents had mailed me presents, the majority which I vowed to wait until Christmas to open.  My heater was on the fritz, so I was freezing. The only sanctuary from my holiday nightmare came in the form of a Christmas channel on iTunes Radio.  As I slipped into slumber, Jack Frost nipping at my nose (musically and literally), I thought to myself, "Hey, I can do this. I can do Christmas alone."
I awoke at 3:00 a.m. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse ... or my iTunes Radio.  No, instead, echoing throughout my apartment was the repeated phrase, "Channel not available."
It was then that I knew my 2006 Christmas would be lost forever.
So when I hear The Christmas Song, which is beautiful, by the way, I think my restraining order is more against that experience than the song itself.
But I digress.  Here's a glimpse at the Top 5 blog posts of this week:
A young up-and-coming artist named Abraham had his first art show at 35,000 feet. Our buddy Jay Baer was lucky enough to be on that flight, and wrote about it.
Ever wonder what a day is like at Love Field in Dallas, TX? Stephen M. Keller took the time to find out, in this video set to some rad music from Austin-based Mother Falcon.
Our always popular annual 12 Days of LUV contest has returned.  Click here to find out how you can join in on the fun (and great prizes).
Soles4Soles is an organization we've supported in the past, and so it's very fitting that one of our Flight Attendants also appreciates the nonprofit organization's efforts. This post from the organization's CEO, Wayne Elsey, really made us proud.
If it ain't Boeing, we ain't going.  And so it's a good thing we've renewed that commitment by making Boeing's first firm order for the 737 MAX (that makes us the launch customer, and first fly the aircraft commercially). Thanks, also, to our friends at Boeing who took the time to recognize our efforts on Nuts About Southwest.  Back atcha, Boeing!