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SWA Stew: Episode 34


The Holidays are officially over. I spent time meditating, reflecting, and hanging out with a couple of my favorite family members. 
Emily Elizabeth the Donkey
Yes, my two favorite donkeys, Emily Elizabeth, and her son. No, I don't remember his name right now. I'm a bad friend (I've always been more partial to Emily Elizabeth, anyway, as we've had a longer-standing friendship).
I digress.
Some great blog posts to talk about this week, as part of the SWA Stew.
Annie Hoelzel, one of our Blog Team Members, roosts in crew scheduling. Is roosts offensive? Well, Annie recently flew the coop for a day to see what life is like on the front lines. She wrote about it, here.  Have you traveled through the "Love Field Hot Spot" lately?
Have you checked out Majors & Minors yet? The show features Southwest, but more importantly, centers in on some budding young stars. You can catch it Sundays on The Hub! We've got a sneak preview for you, too.
Are you a planner?  Maybe you're already thinking about New Year's Eve 2012?  Well our friends at Dish Trip wrote up a great post on the best places to ring in the New Year. Some of these are surely to be just as fun in a year.
Kari Kennedy is a daredevil.  She's the bravest person I know. I mean, she used to fly into hurricanes, for cryin' out loud. Her latest feat involved flying up to Minnesota to take place in a polar bear plunge. Brrrr!
Our top post this week comes from one of our Customers.  We helped Patti get to her newborn granddaughter, and she was grateful. But, Patti, we're grateful to have played such a big role in such a big event in your life!

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Brooks, you're hilarious as ever!~