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SWA Stew: Episode 35


We're barreling through 2012, with plenty of great content to share as part of the top five blog posts of the week for Nuts About Southwest.
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Due to circumstances beyond my family’s control, my husband had to cancel two flights in the last month. Two flights of which I purchased from MY credit card, mind you. It later comes up that I need to book a flight, thinking I should certainly have credit from the TWO flights that I purchased with MY MONEY. I try to book the flights and much to my dismay, only my husband is allowed to use the credit even though it was purchased by ME from MY bank account. I made a few calls and got nothing but rude, argumentative employees. First of all, this policy makes absolutely no sense and is utterly ridiculous. I have been a faithful customer of Southwest for years and I can assure you, after my husband uses the credit from the flights I PURCHASED, I will NEVER fly through this bogus airline again. Sometimes there are situations outside of anyone’s control, have a heart! My friends and family will definitely be hearing about what a crock Southwest’s policies have turned into. Good Riddance!