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San Antonio Has "Sabor"

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Hispanic Heritage Month came to a close last week and the San Antonio CS&S Team celebrated the occasion with a salsa contest. For inquiring minds, I'm talking about the dip, not the type of dance!  Over 40 Employees from the Center participated and dressed up for the occasion.  Pretty safe to say, they all had "sabor" (or "flavor," in English).
Celeb Chef
Celebrity chefs like Diana Barrios were among the judges in this fiery competition, and the proceeds of this event were donated to Employees in need.  With this event, Southwest concludes its Hispanic Heritage Month celebration that was filled with music and food.   To see our Employees singing "Cielito Lindo" and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, visit:
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We had a fantastic day celebrating and partaking in the all the festivities!!! A HUGE "Mucho gracias" goes out to Olga, Diana Trevino Barrios, Mama Margie's judges, Regina DeHoyas, Amy Allen, Dawn Foster, the Spirit committe, salsa particpants, along with the entire SC Team that helped make this day a success!!!! Mucho amor! Cyndi
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A HUGE "Mucho gracias" goes out to Olga and the entire SC Team that helped make this day a success!!! Mucho amor! Cyndi