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San Diego -Landing Over the Parking Structure

Adventurer B
For some reason, San Diego gets a lot of chatter about the approach over the parking structure located on the approach end of Runway 27. This structure sits literally across the street from the end of the runway. The following picture San727.jpgshows what it looks like from the ground with another jet landing after an instrument approach.  At first glance it does look like an odd place to put a multi-story building.... From the air, you can see that the building is really of no consequence to arriving airliners. Lindbergh Field is nestled right up to the edge of the foothills and everything to the east of the garage is even higher. You'd never really notice this except from the air, and in the air, only Pilots have windows that face forward (usually!). Here is a shot I took while my partner landed in San Diego. As you can clearly see, the parking garage (last building before the end of the runway) presents little, if any, threat to arriving planes. From the ground however, it looks imposing. Notice the touchdown point for the runway (the "hash marks") is well down the runway. Guess this is another example of "a picture being worth a thousand words." WebSANVMC27cockpit.jpg (click on the photos to enlarge--the photo of the landing was taken from the cockpit jumpseat)