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Say Hello to Uncle Sam!


We work hard at Southwest Airlines, making sure our Customers are entertained and continue to come back to Southwest for all of their traveling needs.  We want to make sure that our Customers are continually impressed by the lengths we go to make them feel appreciated and LUVed.

With that being said, I would like it to be known to the entire blogosphere that the one and only Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty flew on our Red Bellied Beauties in celebration of Independence Day.

It was no easy task, making sure that our flights would fit into the busy schedules of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty.  But we soon found out that Lady Liberty is a Rapid Rewards Member; she is a loyal Southwest Customer.  Lady Liberty has been known to frequent the Baltimore/Washington Airport!

I had the honor of escorting Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty throughout the airport and on the aircraft during their Freedom Tour.  Customers received patriotic ribbons and flags, played trivia on the plane to win prizes, and were given the opportunity to take pictures with Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty!

This goes to show, you never know what (or who!) you may encounter when flying our Fun-LUVing airline.  We will continue to go above and beyond to celebrate the holiday with our Customers—with our Family.

To see more of the Freedom Week fun, check out this video.

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"Hey, she's tough. She's a harbor chick!" Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) "Ghostbusters II"
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I just wanted you guys to know that the new TRAVEL GUIDE COMMUNITY is a great idea. I just created my profile, and I am anxious to see how it goes. I am not usually one onf facebook, etc but this seems like a great way to find out about new places and things to do....thanks