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Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, Missouri is known for its diverse portfolio, and thanks to Southwest Airlines Cargo, it is also known for throwing one of the biggest oyster festivals in the Midwest. The Cargo services at Southwest allow us to procure oysters from both coasts and fly them into St. Louis within days of being harvested.  Southwest’s careful handling, relentlessly reliable attitude, and speedy transport of the oysters allow us to provide our customers with a fresh product and something that is unique in Saint Louis.  They are delivered so fresh, in fact, that many oyster aficionados ask if we are getting them from a local oyster farmer!  The consistent high quality is a "sure thing," and our customers see that.  This not only keeps them returning for the next experience, but also helps Schlafly Beer create not just events, but destinations. Enjoy the cool video that follows the oysters from harvesting near Seattle, to shipping on Southwest Airlines, to shucking at the Stout and Oyster Festival in St. Louis.