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Explorer A

What do the following have in common: 7,000 decks of cards, 3,500 granola bars, over 10,000 bags of Southwest Airlines pretzels, 3,500 bags of popcorn, and 7,000 handy wipes?  These were some of the items featured in the 3,500 Armed Forces Foundation family kits created at all six of our Messages to the Field.

This year over 400 Employee volunteers came early to each Message to help assemble family kits for the Armed Forces Foundation. These kits were donated to local families with a loved one serving in the military at one of the following locations: Phoenix kits went to Luke AFB; Orlando kits went to MacDill AFB; Baltimore’s were given to Fort Meade; Atlanta kits went to the Georgia National Guard; Chicago’s were presented to Jesse Brown VA Medical Center; and those from Dallas were sent to Fort Hood.


The following is a story from Mary Mis, whose daughter works for the Armed Forces Foundation, and who helped our Employee assemble family kits at our Orlando Message to the Field:

On February 2, 2012, Southwest Airlines Employees put together 500 Care Packages for the U.S. military in partnership with the Armed Forces Foundation.  My daughter works for AFF, and I was invited to help with this wonderful event.  As a spouse and a mother of a soldier, it was a very moving experience to see firsthand all the SWA Employees who volunteered their time and personal donations to put the care packages together. These care packages will be used for all branches of the military; and for unit members, their spouses and their dependents.  It was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful members of the SWA Team … thank you all so much for all you do and for your continued support of the U.S. military!