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Sgt. Schultz, Col. Hogan, and a bag of Peanuts

Frequent Flyer B
Howard Schultz, long-time Southwest Airlines Customer, not the CEO of Starbucks, has been up to a shenanigan at the Phoenix airport lately. It seems Howard travels between Houston and Salt Lake City fairly frequently and on a recent layover in Phoenix, he was handing out Southwest Airlines peanuts to US Airways passengers and crew in their waiting area! I guess it is his way of saying “You picked the wrong airline.”

I interview Howard about this event and why he likes the Southwest brand so much. He is quite entertaining and adds a fun story about his service in the Mississippi Guard.

When Red Belly Radio™ first launched as part of Nuts About Southwest, the iTunes subscription capabilities were…well to use an airline vernacular, “Noop” (pronounced No Op) which is short for Not Operational.

Well now if you click on the iTunes link in the Red Belly Radio™ corner of the blog homepage it will jump you to iTunes and allow you to subscribe. You can also subscribe directly from iTunes by going to the iTunes store and searching for Red Belly Radio™ or Southwest Airlines.
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