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Share the Spirit Medical Transportation Grants

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Today we announced the recipients of the 2010 Medical Transportation Grant Program (MTGP). MTGP provides complimentary, roundtrip tickets to hospitals and medical transportation nonprofit organizations in several cities Southwest serves. The tickets are distributed by the organizations to patients who must travel for medical care. Medical bills and travel expenses often mount up quickly for patients with chronic or terminal illnesses; and Southwest Airlines is proud to offer our assistance to these patients during such a difficult time.

In the three years that MTGP has existed, we have been overwhelmed by the gratitude that recipients of this program have shared with us. Southwest is committed to assisting families facing serious illness and we’re excited to announce that funding for MTGP increased by 23 percent this year. Here are a few remarks we received last year from some very special patients.

“We cannot begin to express our appreciation for your help and how it has helped relieve part of a financial burden. When dealing with cancer and having a family with 6 children, your gracious gift has made things much easier. We thank God for companies and people like you.”

“This is invaluable in helping up afford the continued care at MD Anderson/Houston. Where you go, we go with you. Thank you”

“Thank you in advance for the Southwest round trip tickets. These tickets cause me to be able to continue my treatments, testing and doctor’s appointments at MD Anderson. Please know that with your assistance I am able to run this race for my life against recurring breast cancer. Thank you so very much”

Thank you to those who shared their experience with us.

For more information on our Medical Transportation Grant Program, please visit:

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wow, thats great. it really is..but what about the people who just can not afford to fly and something good is happening to a realative, and they want to go but can"t cause they also need to put food on the table.,.. but thisd a good thing. but i wish you would do this during graduation time. bereavement times, u know. but could you keep me updated as to weat is going on. cause i do need 4 tickets to go to nevada my neice is graduating..
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Thanks to Southwest Airlines. They have always been a huge supporter of the Ronald McDonald Houses serving the families with sick children.
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Can we donate our drink coupons? Of course the patients might not be able to drink, but for the families.
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Southwest is awesome! This is why I fly Southwest because you truly are the airline with a heart!
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On of the things I look at when choosing a carrier or company to do business with, is do they give back to the community. In the case of Southwest the answer is always YES! As a result you have been my carrier of choice for the last 6 + years. In todays environment it's nice to see that someone is caring about those who can't afford a lifesaving flight and putting the person before the bottom line. I believe that good deeds always come back three-fold. 3 years ago as I was boarding a flight Providence to Florida, I received a message that there had been a death in the family and I needed to cancel my flight. The TF Green staff pulled my bags, gave me a credit to reschedule my flight and had be out the door in under 5 minutes - they could not have been nicer. These are the kind of people who know the value of family and friends, they make flying a pleasure and the generosity of the airline makes me a customer for life.
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How can one add a non profit organization that help over 10.000 orphans in 22 countries, we would like to be able to give more affordable flights to our volunteers and perhaps we can build a school, orphanage, dormitories for our children in need, hope someone read this and reads our website Oliver Ehlers