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Share the Spirit

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Everyone knows how the People of Southwest LUV our Customers and take great care of them on the planes, in the airport, and on the telephone.  What you might not know, but would expect, is that same care and love extends beyond our Customers to our Communities.  We hire People who care, so it stands to reason that they would also want to help the communities where they live and work.  At Southwest, we call this Share the Spirit, a program where we give back to communities through our charitable giving, Employee volunteerism, and community programs.  This weekend, we are thrilled to show you just a few of our wonderful Employees doing what comes naturally, giving back. 

So during your football watching parties, keep an eye out for some new Southwest spots that feature Southwest Employees in action.  As the spots point out, while our People might work as Flight Attendants, Pilots, or Mechanics; who they really are is seen when they are away from Southwest as volunteers who help families with seriously ill children, travel companions for World War II Veterans traveling to the Memorial for the first time, or mentors in the fifth-grade classrooms.

It was a thrill to work on this project and learn all that our Employees do to help the people in their communities.  The variety of their interests and time they put in is simply amazing.  We featured some of their stories in a print ad in Spirit magazine last month and now have the ads to showcase their care.  The stories were so wonderful that we wanted to let you see the full story so we created this video which highlights these incredible Employees sharing their story of why they do what they do.  While these stories follow the areas where Southwest is focused as a Company, our Employees work on many other issues and causes to truly make a positive difference.  But the amazing thing is how much they will each tell you that they get back.  So while you watch this video, please think about how you can reach out and help others.  It only takes one person to make a difference and you will get far more back than you give!