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Adventurer C
I take way too many things for granted.  For example...playing baseball as a child.  Several weeks ago, our Department (People & Leadership Development) put on a carnival for The Miracle League--Arlington, Texas.  The event was our "Servant's Heart" day.  (Servant's Heart is part of our Core Values that we call The Southwest Way.)  The Miracle League was formed to provide an opportunity for special needs children to enjoy the game of baseball.  Our local professional team (The Texas Rangers) is a major supporter, and many of their former players were also in attendance. The Miracle League and the City of Arlington have built a wonderful baseball field.  The surface is all weather and very wheelchair friendly.  We were treated with an exhibition game, similiar to what goes on during their season.  Wow!  Every child hits and scores every inning.  I wish every one of you could have seen the look on their faces. Our Employees did a great job of making the day special with lots of rides, FUN activities, and food.  We even brought in a tall, righthander to throwTakeOff.jpg out the first pitch. The entire day just made me so appreciative for the little things and so happy that The Miracle League doesn't take things like playing baseball for granted.
Adventurer A
This posting also made me realize how much I take for granted. This is why America has grown to love Southwest because of their ability to reach out to our local communties and serve. There is no price tag on a smile.
Explorer C
A servant heart is obedient to its authority and comfortable in the role it has chosen and always at your service. 24x7x365, what you need more.
Explorer C
Any person, always loading his/her mind with only the works and not thinking, talking or doing anything else is like a machine and ceases to be a human being. Such extra curricular activities elevates him from a machine to human being and an added flavour of spiritual activity mixed with love and dedication leads him nearer to Godliness.
Adventurer B
Good for you guys. That's cool. Hopefully we can get something like that organized here in phoenix. Maybe the diamondbacks can help us with it. I would definitely like to help out.
Adventurer C
Jeramy, they have an excellent web site ( that has great information about starting a league in your area. Let me know if I can do anything to help.
Explorer C
This was a highlight for so many in our department! One of the most rewarding days ever!
Frequent Flyer B
Jeff, Kudos to you and to ALL of the SWA Employees who so often "look outside themselves" through various programs such as this. As you said, taking things for granted is very easy if we're never confronted with others who don't have the same things we do. Suddenly, you realize that you are very blessed in ways that you don't think about. Venues such as this and the Ronald McDonald Houses are wonderful examples of the ways that Southwest and its Employees give back to their community and demonstrate a true servant's heart. Bless you for your work, Kim
Adventurer C
I second the Kudos to all of you!! It is so easy to take things for granted..When we do things for others it is not only a gift to them but is also a gift to ourselves by helping to remind us just how fortunate we are, it helps teach us compassion and empathy.. When I read these stories about Southwest and its employees it warms my heart .What a wonderful group of people!! Makes me want to send each and every one of you a ((((((((BIG HUG))))))) Cindy
Adventurer C
Thank you all for your encouragement and the e-hugs!