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Showcasing Southwest Magic in the Magic Kingdom

Explorer A

Anyone who has met me will probably tell you I am a huge Disney Fan!  I have been to Walt Disney World® at least a hundred times.  My son, who is 5 years old, has been at least 10 times. So, when I was asked to represent Southwest Airlines and speak about our great Company at the Disney Resort Showcase, I answered with a resounding, “It’s on!”

My goal for the event was to let the world know why flying Southwest Airlines for a family vacation to Disney World is the best way to go. Radio stations flew in from all over the map. At first I was nervous, but I quickly realized that it's pretty easy to talk about something you know and LUV!

SWA Lounge

We started our media adventure at the Magic Kingdom, we arrived before anyone else was let into the park - entering through a "Cast Member Only" door, or "backstage," in Disney lingo. Disney created a Southwest Lounge right inside the Tomorrowland Terrace. The Southwest Lounge was a place for the media to relax and grab some coffee or a bite to eat before their next broadcast or interview - the set up was complete with comfortable seating, refreshments, and people buzzing about the park. Every day, a different Disney park and a new Southwest Lounge - Disney helped us bring our Southwest hospitality from the air to the ground.


Our Disney accommodations were amazing. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and it is truly breathtaking. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a large deluxe resort with several Savannah areas where you can observe giraffe, zebra, and kudu right outside your window. Thank you, Disney! Each evening there was a different reception to showcase some awesome Disney magic! Thursday night Disney launched its new ride at The Star Tours Galactic Premiere Party! I am a huge Star Wars fan and the New Star Tours ride opened last weekend! You have to check it out.

Disney Star Tours

Just like Southwest, Disney is a Family and we love our reunions together - where we have a chance to celebrate our two brands. The entire experience was a lifetime opportunity and a dream come true for me. This was not like any other trip I have been on. I was actually working – networking with media folks, discussing topics with Disney Cast members, learning how Public Relations and Marketing really help us as an airline, and doing it in the most magnificent place on Earth: Disney World!

Explorer C
That sounds so awesome. What more could anyone ask for. Going to Disney World and spreading the word of something you truly love, Southwest Airlines. I had a chance to ride the new Star Tours adventure and it is totally out of this world. With the different adventures (I believe 52 of them) that you can take and being totally random, you never know which adventure you are going to be taking. With the new 3D version it even makes it more exciting. Southwest Airlines and Disney. What a great combination, like Mom and Apple pie. The best airline to the best destination. I envy you.
Explorer C
I love Disney. My sister works down there so I visit frequently. Ironically enough, she's actually been back home here in Chicago for the past week on vacation and is flying back (on southwest of course) tomorrow.
Explorer C
That's awesome James great job. We should keep a lounge there full time. It could be Disney's version of our 2 porches
Explorer A
Glad to hear you enjoyed Animal Kingdom Lodge! I just love that resort!
Explorer C
My family just went to Disney at the beginning of May, and of course we flew Southwest. My 5-year-old son was excited to participate in the Jedi Academy, but disappointed that we missed the new Star Tours by just a couple weeks. Guess we'll have to go back next year!
Explorer C
I am planning to take a trip to Disney in July 2011 and I need to find some discount Universal, Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingom tickets for my 4 grandchildren and I love flying Southwest but I also need to get some lower priced airline tickets...any suggestions would be helpful...DONATIONS WELCOME!
Explorer C
I'm slightly jealous.
Explorer C
Southwest is the BEST! The only way to fly!
Explorer C
We are a Disney family we have been going since I was 7 and we have been taking my kids since they were born. We are the ultimate Disney Family