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Simulating a Celebration

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The Simulator Technicians at Southwest Airlines keep our flight simulators operating and available for Pilot training at an astounding 99.8% of the time. Each year during the holiday season, this technical staff find the time to add a touch of warmth to the holidays by installing festive lighting and ornaments on each of the simulators and around the Training Center. As our aircraft fleet grows, so does the simulator fleet. This growth makes the decorating task become a bit overwhelming. Beginning this year, the Technicians have invited personnel from other Training Center groups and other departments to join in the fun of decorating. As always, the Pilots coming to the Center in December really appreciate the great atmosphere. We want to acknowledge the Employees who made the 2011 Holiday brighter with their efforts.

Flight Sim
TRAINING  SCHEDULING  GROUP:  Erin Bright, Jennifer Fink, Lexi Taylor, Maria Almanza.  Theme:  Mardi Gras Christmas

Flight Sim 2
FLIGHT SIMULATOR  GROUP:  Rick Pearce, Sherri Jones.  Theme:  Parachute Santa

Flight Sim 3

Flight Sim 4
FLIGHT SIMULATOR  GROUP:  Joi Care.  Theme: Christmas Reindeer

Flight Sim 5
TRAINING  SCHEDULING  GROUP:  Jennifer Fink, Lexi Taylor, Maria Almanza.  Theme: The Christmas Tree

Flight Sim 6
TRAINING  SCHEDULING  GROUP:  Ginger Brundage, Anita Trammell, Iris Haines.  Theme:  Christmas is Coming

Flight Sim 7
DISPATCH AND PEOPLE DEPARTMENTS: Mike Saldivar, Katie Saldivar, Gabby Saldivar, John Parenteau, K.C. Parenteau, Kirk Helbach, Shelley Helbach, Cameron Helbach, Jake Zelman, Lindsey Cook.  Theme: Dreaming of Hawaii

Flight Sim 8
TRAINING  SCHEDULING  GROUP:  Ginger Brundage, Anita Trammell, Iris Haines.  Theme:  Winter Wonderland