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At Southwest, we know our Employees have many talents. We’ve all seen the singing, dancing, rapping, twirling, and standup routines. Now, we’re showing them off to the world in primetime! This weekend, we will debut a new national ad spot featuring 14 Employees singing, dancing, and playing the guitar through the streets of Chicago.

The ad focuses on the fact that the one and ONLY place you can find our low fares online is We sure don’t want Customers thinking we’re not on aggregator web sites because we don’t serve the destinations that are important to them. So we’re going to shout it (or sing it) from the streets!

The ad was shot in two days ALL OVER downtown Chicago – Michigan Ave., Millennium Park, Financial District, and more. It took weeks of preparation and LOTS of hard work. We even had an original score and lyrics developed!

The voices you hear are all truly our Employees, captured in a sound studio. Everyone worked incredibly hard not only to learn the “Only at” song, but an entire dance routine, the night before we shot!

Our Employees were great sports about being plopped into the middle of a huge city. We didn’t close the sidewalk or streets; we just went with everyday hustle and bustle. Our Employees danced their way down, through, and across the city streets of Chicago like it was the most normal thing in the world to do!

Check out the new spot and let us know what you think!

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We just got back for Ft. Lauderdale and flew SW from Albany, NY changed planes is BWI on our first flight we had the best flight attendent, he did the announcements with different accents. He was great and made the flight one to remember. Thanks SW, for doing such a great job.. Our next flight will be to New Orleans and I can't wait. See you all real soon.
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Hey, I haven't had the flight attendant who does different accents yet! We've had a rapper, a few singers and comedians as well - all in good fun! Maybe SW will have to add an advanced booking feature - not only will we want to choose our flights, but how about picking our in flight entertainment... err.. flight attendants! 😉
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I'll be soooo glad if they ever/would fly out of Huntsville, Alabama, as we've been reading about....HURRY, as it is terrible for those of us that love/prefer flying SW have too, got to Birmingham or Nashville one for a cheaper flights to anywhere without connections. THAT is well worth a lot of folks to use, I betcha they would too! PLEASE SOUTHWEST<><><>Come to Huntsville, Alabama
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Are there any plans in the NOT TOO DISTANT future of Southwest servicing Huntsville, Alabama? I always have to travel a 2 hour drive either to Nashville, Tn. or Birmingham, Al. as SW is MY airlines of favorites but darn, it surely gets old to have to drive the distance I believe a lot of folks here in Huntsville would benefit your services. Thank you and FLY SOUTHWEST EVRYONE<> Judy Robinson Huntsville, Alabama
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I recently found the show "Airline" and have become addicted to it. We recently took a Southwest flight to Phoenix and I was talking to the flight attendants and she said the show actually aired a couple years ago. This is really a great show and I would love to see it come back. I tend to fly Southwest when I can because of the character of the flight attendants. I'm not really fond of flying and they make it tolerable. A couple years ago we had a flight attendant tell us the smoking section was out on the wing - it's comments like that that really separate Southwest from the other airlines. My only concern with Southwest is that you are still serving peanuts as a snack. With the rise of peanut allergies, (me included, but I can be on the plane with them, just not ingest any) I thought Southwest would have been one of the first airlines to ban peanuts for the safety. I did see a "Airline" show where a woman notified Southwest ahead of time of her childs severe allergy and the entire Southwest staff jumped in to help remove any peanut wrappers, dust, actual peanuts from the area where they would be sitting. I thought that was great but what wouldn't it be easier to eliminate peanuts all together? So many children are becoming allergic to peanuts and it's frightening to have an allergic reaction like that.
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We need Southwest in Huntsville. Don't forget about us in the AirTran merger.
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The singing commercials suck. please stop. Airlines/attendants cool, commercial not
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I My self and a lot of the NASA People fly in to Huntsville, Alabama from Houston for work and we have a lot of NASA people from Huntsville who fly to Houston It would be great to have a hub in Huntsville, Alabama . Please give it a chance. Thanks