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Sites and Sounds: Austin ... Celebrating Hometown Influence on Music Culture


Earlier this summer, Southwest Airlines unveiled a series called Sites and Sounds that was created in partnership with Luck Reunion and the Luck Journal. This three-part series highlights musicians and the destinations that have inspired them. Each episode features a different artist and takes the audience to their hometown.


The first episode of Sites and Sounds brought Nashville-based singer-songwriter Nikki Lane to Lukas Nelson's hometown of Maui. Lukas gave an insider's look, taking Lane to the surf spots, restaurants, and the venue that shaped his career and life at an early age.


In Episode Two, we’re excited to feature another member of the Nelson family, Micah, as he leads singer-songwriter Sunny War through Austin, Texas. Micah was born in Austin and lived there until he was eight years old, before relocating to Hawaii. When he was 17, Micah returned to the capital of the Lone Star State, where he’s focused on his music career.




Sunny lived in Austin for a short time, and during her visit with Micah, she experienced some of his favorite places. From Juiceland, to Torchy’s Tacos, to Hopscotch, which is a pop-up interactive art installation (and the location of Micah Nelson’s band Particle Kid’s newly-released music video), Micah lead Sunny the places that he enjoys most about Austin.


The final episode of Sites and Sounds, Episode Three, will showcase an artist’s most-loved places in the Bay Area when it debuts later this year.


Visit to learn more about the series. You’ll get an in-depth look at each artist, what makes their hometown special, and how that destination has influenced their music.


Want to learn more about the places you see in the episodes? Visit for even more inspiration about the locations featured in the videos.


Tune in and enjoy the adventure that unfolds as a host artist guides a guest artist through sights, sounds, and experiences that make their hometown special, incorporating food, culture, music, and family life. Sites and Sounds is an insider’s destination-based travel guide to the host artists’ hometown, enticing you to experience the one-of-kind offerings of each unique location.

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New Arrival

I am new here and was just reading about the sites and sounds series.  My jaw dropped to the ground when I read about Micah Nelson being part of this series.  I grew up in Dallas Texas, but in my early 20's I decided to move to Las Vegas for 3 years.  When I decided to move back to Dallas, my friends had a party for me at a lodge overlooking Vegas called Mt. Charleston.  We were eating and drinking and crying because these were my dearest friends I had made while living in Las Vegas.  1 of my friends turned to me and said, "Don't go back to Texas, stay here with us".  I replied,  "but I miss Texas. It's part of who I am".  At that point my friend smiled and said it looked like Texas had come to me here in Vegas.  I turned around and there was Mr. Willy Nelson enjoying a meal with his wife and their 2 year old son Micah.  All of us turned and waved.  Micha waved back.  Next thing we knew, Willy and Micah came over to our table and said hello.  My friends explained I was going back to Texas the next day and we were having 1 final get together.  Willy was in Vegas for the reunion and performance of The Highway men.  He was so gratious, and down to earth.  Micah was about the cutest kid I'd ever seen.  I had my picture taken with the 2 of them.  It was a moment I will never forget.  I've gotta go look through my 30 year old photo albums and dig that photo up.  I'm so glad to see Micah's picture here and partnering with my favorite airline.