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Six Signs You Are Ready for Spring Break

Explorer C
1. You are on your 5th cup of coffee and its only 10 am.
Sprinb break3
Too much caffeine doesn't exist, right?
2. You woke up late, and now you have to get ready at work.
Spring break4
What’s more fun than doing your makeup with friends?
3. You are swamped with projects and paper pile-ups on your desk.
Spring Break5
Make a to-do list? Check.
4. You started filling out your March Madness bracket... in January.
Spring break2
It’s never too early to be prepared.
5. You find yourself googling vacation spots during your free time.
Sprinb Break8
We can practically feel the sand in our toes.
6. You take advantage of every opportunity to pull out your new shades.
Spring Break6
I wish I could see what we're laughing at ...

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