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'Skycap or Superhero'

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Faster than speeding bag belt, more powerful than a Boeing 737, able to leap curbside counters in a single bound.  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s Angelo! Angelo 1 Southwest Customer Lata Kumar took to her Facebook page after witnessing what she calls a “superhero in action.”  Who was this man in blue?  Why, it was none other than DAL Skycap Angelo Ross Jones! Skycap or Superhero (Southwest Airlines) While standing in line at curbside checking I saw the superhero in action.  A woman with a baby in stroller was checking in when the stroller with a baby was about to topple. Before you could blink your eyes Angelo jumped over the baggage area and caught the stroller and saved the situation and the baby.  Kudos to Southwest for going above and beyond and a special pat on back to Angelo! Angelo 2 Way to go, Angelo!  Thanks for coming to the rescue!