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So, Do You Dig the Duck?

Adventurer C

Olga attended the same event about which Steve Heaser talks in his Red Belly Radio podcast, "My American Idol Experience Experience."




I do and wish many others will after this.  Recently, I attended Disney’s American Idol media extravaganza in Orlando representing Southwest Airlines doing my famous interviews in Español.  Looking for placement opportunities, I gazed around the event and saw the opportunity to secretly “place” a Southwest OnBoarding Duck Derby Duck everywhere.  And when I mean everywhere, I mean food, interviews, even as a business card holder.


After a while, the journalists and event participants started to ask for the ducks, they all wanted a picture with it or just one for their offices.  On the last day of the event, the ducks made it to "Hollywood "  by making appearances with Idol participants like Brooke White, season five winner Taylor Hicks, and the fabulous, but not so famous, Sanjaya.






So, dig the Duck!  Our Employeees can contact the OnBoarding Department and buy one or buy ten.  Sponsor a New Hire and see where the duck takes you in 2009!