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So, what route do you fly?

Adventurer B
This is one of the most frequently asked questions a Flight Attendant hears (next to "May I use the restroom even though the fasten seat belt sign is on?"). I thought you might be interested in knowing how we happen to be on your particular flight. On the same day each month, a schedule of trips for the following month is posted on our crew website. We bid on the trips we would like to fly and are awarded our choice based on seniority - meaning date of hire, not date of birth! We might have the same trip each week or they may be different each week. Each month is like Christmas - we pick the "gift" we want and then anxiously wait to see what's inside the package we receive! If we are disappointed, we have the option of trading our trips IF a trade is available. If it isn't, we can put our trips on a give away list where someone else can choose to fly our trip. We can then look for another trip to pick up or stay home. How cool is that?!rtemap2.jpg I personally prefer to fly a different trip each week because I have yet to tire of seeing mountains, prairies, and oceans white with foam! Texas is my birthplace and where I have spent much of my life, but if my parents had REALLY loved me they would have birthed me in San Diego! The good news is, I can bid an overnight San Diego trip and keep my fingers crossed that I get it. If variety is the spice of life -- this job is a well- stocked spice rack.