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Sofia Proll and the iPhone App

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This is an encore edition from about a year ago. It still works.

A lot of people might think the title of this blog sounds a bit like an Agatha Christie novel. Perhaps with enough time and effort it could become my first novel. Realistically? I have my doubts. Lots of story ideas come to me and some are short and some are longer.

For this episode, Red Belly Radio[asset|aid=240|format=image|formatter=asset|title=RBRiPodLogoSmall.gif|width=180|heig... comes in two (shorter) segments. Of everything to pick from, the first part was recorded on my way to Las Vegas, when I hosted an inflight contest to guess how many bags of peanuts Southwest Airlines gives out in a typical week. Only to be outdone with a wonderful interview with Sofia Proll, a Southwest Flight Attendant. Luckily our paths crossed, and I was able to record the story of a passenger who seems to like averages. Sofia explains how a quick conversation with a couple of passengers could be turning into an iPhone app to track the average number of peanuts per bag.