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Some Snappy Ideas: Seven Travel Pics for Instagram


If you're like me, you take around a million photos on any given vacation—sometimes it's even more, depending on the length of the trip.  Obviously I can't post all of them, so I do my best to pick out my favorites.  Here's a list of my must-have pics for your Instagram feed.  Be sure to use #SWApic and check out our Southwest Instagram! 1. In Your Bag: Are you packing light, heavy, or somewhere in the middle?  And what's your must-have, can't-leave-without item? snappy5 2. On the Way: Get excited!  Travel adventures have just begun.  Snap a pic on the parking shuttle or when you're leaving for the airport. snappy4 3. At the Gate: If the adventure didn't start on the parking shuttle, it has definitely started here!  Show some excitement for your Southwest aircraft or your awesome Business Select boarding pass. snappy6 4. In the Air: The Window Seat pic is the classic travel picture.  Whether the picture's of the wing, the clouds or the landscape below, it's bound to be beautiful! snappy2 5. On your Plate: While on vacation, you should always try the local food.  Don't forget those delicious flavors—capture the memory! snappy3 6. Around you: There are so many things to see and do at any of our Southwest destinations!  Be sure to properly document those beautiful sites and exciting experiences. snappy1 7. With the Group:   At Southwest, our Purpose is connecting People to what's important in their lives—traveling brings people together.  If you're traveling with or meeting others, you definitely have to get a group shot. snappy7 Have other photo ideas?  Let me know by commenting below.  Happy travels!