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Something To Cheers To: Drink Coupons Expiration Extended through 2020


On March 25, we temporarily discontinued our inflight beverage and snack service in an effort to minimize physical touchpoints amidst growing concerns around COVID-19. This temporary suspension of service aligned with our other efforts to support the health and Safety of our Customer and Employees alike. 


We heard from many of you across social media and other channels concerning the status of your soon-to-expire Rapid Rewards™ drink coupons. Once service resumes, any drink coupons set to expire throughout 2020 will now expire December 31, 2020.


You don’t need to do anything for these changes to go into effect. Please keep your original coupon to present onboard once inflight beverage service resumes. We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon, cheers!


Top Contributor

Great news! Thanks for being the best airline out there. 

Active Member

I tried to look or find, but is Corbitt an employee of Southwest?

New Arrival

Thanks for the drink coupon update because I was definitely wondering after flying 2 weeks ago and not being able to use them during this different time.


And Yes, looks like Corbitt Burns is Director, Loyalty, Partnerships and Payment Products at Southwest Airlines:

New Arrival

Please tell us that drink coupons expiring on 12/31/2020 will be honored through 2021...